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Buzz worthy reviews

  • PETKIT Go Shine Leash

    "I purchased the PETKIT Air Force harness along with the Go Shine Retractable Leash for my 4 month old puppy. The harness is extremely durable and comfortable. It’s gentle on the puppy and very lightweight. I also highly recommend the retractable leash. It works great both during daytime and nighttime. The leash length is great and it gives my puppy plenty of room to run around. The LED flashlight is great for nighttime walks and looks super cool when glowing in the dark."

    - Angela Liu

  • Euthabag | Pet Body Bag

    "Our emergency vet handed me my beloved cat in one of these bags after he had to be assisted to the rainbow bridge. I was taking him home with me so that I could have him cremated at a local funeral home. I thought it was so perfect. I read about these bags and that they were biodegradable. I have buried many pets before and always used towels, pillowcases or pads. This product to me is the best thing to use for burial. Thank you for creating a very touching product for people who are going through such a sad time."

    - Phyllis Cole

  • Cover Me by Tui Dog Cone Alternative

    "Wonderful product. Our dog has a terrible itching problem which we are slowly getting under control after 8 1/2 years. We finally have a vet, groomer and dog food provider that have compassion and care!! The Tui works wonderful for protecting her from scratching and chewing herself. Who ever designed these outfits also has compassion and love for pets. The Tui fits perfect and washes up real nice. East to get on and off of her. The roll up flap is a wonderful idea and sure helps when she has to go out to the bathroom."

    - Burns Barlow

  • Routine Dog Stool Test

    “Excellent product! Kit contains every single thing needed to package and mail the sample, and results are processed quickly. The test covers several types of parasites, and the results are delivered promptly. I loved everything about this at home test. It was delivered to my door. It had everything I needed to collect the sample. And I never had to leave my home to mail it back! Results came super quick and we easy to understand. Highly recommend.”

    - beastie_bentley

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