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EUTHABAG is a respectful pet body bag honoring the bond between the animal and family. It consists of a waterproof base and a zipper enclosure to make manipulations easier. Made with post-consumer material it can be buried or cremated safely.


XS (< 3 lbs / 1 kg)

S (3 - 20 lbs / 1 - 8 kg)

M (20 - 40 lbs / 8 - 15 kg)

L (40 - 85 lbs / 15 - 35 kg)

XL (85 - 190 lbs / 35 - 85 kg)

*Due to time sensitivity, you should be aware it may take 7 to 10 business days to ship Euthabag to the USA.

End of Life Care for Pets: Frequently Asked Questions


You will simply feel better having let them go in something other than a plastic bag.


Euthabag contains no heavy metals, chlorine nor PVC. Used and endorsed by crematoriums, it can also be buried.


Customer Reviews

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Very touching

I loved the bag. I got one for my cat Luck when i scheduled the euthanasia. Before the appointment, i drew on it and wrote kind words and so did my friends. It makes me feel a lot better to know that Luck will be comfortable and loved until the end, his body respected until he is cremated. I couldnt imagine putting him in a garbage bag, im at peace knowing i gave him the respect he deserved up until the very end. Thank you euthabag for this option.

Martin Berth
Such a respectful product

We lost our dog. He was a true member of our family! Always happy to see us when we were back home. We couldn’t believe its body would be placed in a plastic bag. Euthabag was offered and we felt that we were taking good care of him until the end. Thanks again to the entire tean.


Despite the sad circumstances, it's so nice to have a body bag for a precious pet. It's so much nicer and more respectful than the alternative plastic bag or box. The bag's design is beautiful and it's completely leak proof. The zipper location is perfect, and there are also handles on the sides that are discreet. It really is a wonderfully designed product, and eco-friendly too!