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Euthabag | Pet Body Bag

Euthabag | Pet Body Bag

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EUTHABAG is a respectful pet body bag honoring the bond between the animal and family. It consists of a waterproof base and a zipper enclosure to make manipulations easier. Made with post-consumer material it can be buried or cremated safely. Please see sizing info below.

*Due to time sensitivity, you should be aware it may take 7 to 10 business days to ship Euthabag to the USA.

End of Life Care for Pets: Frequently Asked Questions


You will simply feel better having let them go in something other than a plastic bag.


Euthabag contains no heavy metals, chlorine nor PVC. Used and endorsed by crematoriums, it can also be buried.




XS (< 3 lbs / 1 kg) XS (8X12.5) XS (20X32) (35gr)
S (3 - 20 lbs / 1 - 8 kg) S (9X24) S (23X61) (75gr)
M (20 - 40 lbs / 8 - 15 kg) M (14X31) M (36X81) (135gr)
L (40 - 85 lbs / 15 - 35 kg) L (19X41.5) L (48X106) (250gr)
XL (85 - 190 lbs / 35 - 85 kg) XL (22X52.5) XL (56X135) (350gr)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
ATCM Computers
Best thing for your pet.

I bought this bag knowing my cat was dying. It's hard enough loosing my cat Momma to cancer she was good to the very end. I thought the bag was not going to make it because she went down hill so fast. Well the bag showed up in 2 days. On the 3rd day sadly enough my angel passed. I put her in my favorite shirt or I should say hers and put her in the bag. It was very hard but very dignified we wrote our goodbyes on the bag and put her beside one of her sibling. She now is at peace and in comfort Thank you for a great product...

cindy somers


Phyllis Cole
I’m happy to find this

Our emergency vet handed me my beloved cat in one of these bags after he had to be assisted to the rainbow bridge. I was taking him home with me so that I could have him cremated at a local funeral home. I thought it was so perfect. I read about these bags and that they were biodegradable. I have buried many pets before and always used towels, pillowcases or pads. This product to me is the best thing to use for burial. Thank you for creating a very touching product for people who are going through such a sad time.

Beautiful bag and company

When I lost my dear Bo, I was at a loss of what to do. Not only did the euthabag help me navigate my grief, they provided me with so many resources I needed to get through this time in my life. I was even able to color on the bag and I wrote Bo a little poem on it to go with him. I love this company and I love this bag. Thank you for making this experience so much better.

Philippe Meloni
A needed product

En Français dessous

“I wanted to help a friend who was in the process of losing her dog, her life companion for over 14 years. Having been through the same thing before, I know how difficult it can be.
She chose to have a vet come to her home to euthanize her dog.
I decided to offer her a Euthabag to facilitate the process following the euthanasia. My gesture touched her.
I really appreciated the support of Euthabag to make sure that everything arrived on time. A big thank you to this empathetic team!
The vet was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product.
Finally, my friend sent a picture of her dog in the bag. It was very touching for everyone. And above all, respectful of the animal. I’m glad she didn’t have to go through the ordeal of putting her dog in a garbage bag. The price is derisory all things considered and it allowed my friend to start her mourning in better conditions.”

“J’ai voulu aider une amie qui était en train de perdre son chien, compagnon de vie depuis plus de 14 ans. Ayant déjà vécu la même chose, je sais à quel point cela peut être difficile.
Elle a choisi de faire venir un vétérinaire à la maison pour l’euthanasie.
J’ai décidé de lui offrir un Euthabag pour faciliter la démarche suite à l’euthanasie. Mon geste l’a touché.
J’ai vraiment apprécié le support d’Euthabag pour que tout arrive dans les temps. Un gros merci à cette équipe empathique!
La vétérinaire a été agréablement surprise par la qualité du produit.
Enfin, mon amie a envoyé une photo de son chien dans le sac. Ce fut très émouvant pour tout le monde. Et surtout, respectueux de l’animal. Je suis heureux qu’elle n’est pas eue à vivre la pénible épreuve de mettre son chien dans un sac poubelle.
Le prix est dérisoire au vu de l’événement et il a permis à mon amie de débuter son deuil dans de meilleures conditions.”