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Cover Me Bandages for Dogs and Cats

Cover Me Bandages for Dogs and Cats

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The Cover Me Bandages for Dogs and Cats are specifically designed to be placed anywhere inside of the Cover Me by Tui after surgery wear for pets. These soft and comfortable bandages are highly absorbent and seal on all 4 sides for extra protection making them great post-surgery after a spay, neuter, abdominal or orthopedic procedures, as well as for wounds from scratching due to hot spots or allergies. The pet bandages even work for those that dribble, bladder leakages or females in heat. Removing or replacing them is easy and they do not leave a residue on the Cover Me by Tui pet recovery suit.


  • Stick these adhesive bandages anywhere inside the Cover Me by Tui for extra absorbency
  • Non-woven bandage
  • Non-stick soft and flexible
  • Highly absorbent and hypoallergenic
  • Easy to remove or reapply
  • Pad seals on all 4 sides
  • Available in 2 sizes, small (8cm x 9cm) and large (9cm x 15cm)

To read a study on the negative welfare implications of Elizabethan collars on dogs and cats click here.

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