$ 38.94 CAD

The Cover Me by Tui Dog Cone Alternative is approved by veterinarians and is the most comfortable and effective substitute to the “Lamp Shade” style elizabethan collar (E-Collar) that causes a lot of pets discomfort and stress.

This cone of shame alternative can be used to prevent pets from licking or chewing sensitive areas after surgical procedures such as a spay or neuter, wounds and abrasions from hot spots and allergies as well as females in heat. The snaps down the back make it easy to put it on your pup and wear as there is no manipulation of the legs. This after surgery wear for dogs comes in a range of sizes, colors and sleeve length to fit their needs.


  • Built in potty cover for easy access for trips outside without taking the garment off of your pup.
  • This recovery suit for dogs is made out of 100% hypoallergenic Peruvian cotton which is very durable, breathable and washable with double stitching and reinforcements throughout.
  • Adjustable in the chest and/or tummy area for a more customized fit.

To read a study on the negative welfare implications of Elizabethan collars on dogs and cats click here.

How to find the right size Cover Me by Tui for your dog: