$ 144.99 CAD

The PETKIT Fresh Element Mini is an automatic feeder designed for your cat or small dog. This feeder comes with a new and improved food delivery method that ensures a more precise and flexible meal plan for your pet. This means that your pet will be fed on time and with the precise amount appropriate for them. Also, with our new mini size you can place this device any where in your house and it will not take up much space.

Enhanced Design:

Why get a pet sitter when you have the Fresh Element Mini? This Automatic feeder will be able to feed your cat or small puppy from anywhere and at anytime. Simply use the app to set your pet's feeding times and they will be fed automatically. Alternatively, feed them manually using the PETKIT app on your mobile device instantly. We truly believe that this is the best automatic pet feeder for dogs and cats (Requires a wireless router 2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n).

Smart Feeding:

Schedule your dog or cat's feeding times and the amount of food they should be fed from anywhere in the world using our app on a mobile device. You can program it to for up to 10 meals a day, with 1 to 20 portions for each feeding time. Each portion is approximately 5 g (kibble sizes minus 5-12 mm). Add a new feeding plan whenever you like or use the MANUAL FEEDING BUTTON on the Petkit app.


The Fresh Element Mini contains a silicone based sealing ring in the food outlet door and within the lid of the food containing compartment. Do remember to change the desiccant packs every 30 days to ensure the food is kept fresh.

Easy Maintenance:

Use a damp cloth to clean the feeder. The feeder has 4 rubber grips at the bottom of the unit to ensure it doesn't slip.The feeder also takes back-up batteries in case the power goes out (4 x AA batteries, batteries not included).