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PETKIT Eversweet Smart Water Fountain 3.0

PETKIT Eversweet Smart Water Fountain 3.0

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The PETKIT Eversweet Smart Water Fountain 3.0 is designed for longevity and care for pet health. The pump has been redesigned to be silent, durable, and replaceable. The water tank is made with safe materials. Lastly, the fountain can be powered via multiple sources (outlet, power bank, batteries) giving pet parents comfort in knowing their pets will always remain hydrated. The replacement filters (5 pack) can be found here, the foam filters (4 pack) here, and the cleaning set here.

Reliable Design:

  • The PETKIT Pet Drinking Fountain is eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless and durable.

Improved Purification System:

  • All of our PETKIT series pet water fountains are filtered with a mesh, a water loop pulp filter, an activated carbon filter.
  • Ion-exchange-resin, and provides filtered and oxygen-enriched water is designed to enable for the protection of your pet's health.


  • Will inform you to refill the water tank in time to avoid a shortage of water. Otherwise, it will power off automatically.
  • The filter indicator tells you to replace the filter regularly.

Enhanced Silent Pump:

  • With this silent pump you can hardly hear any sound coming from the fountain (<50DB in 40cm range). This means that with the Gen 3 PETKIT Eversweet Pet Water Fountain you will not have any noises even in your bedroom.

Energy Saving:

  • During the day, the pump will be on for 2 minutes, and off for 1 minute.
  • At night, the pump will be on for 5 mins and rest for 55 mins.
  • For normal Mode, the pump is on throughout the day.

Back-up Battery:

  • If the power goes out, five (5) AAA batteries will allow to remain ON for approximately 7 days.
  • Alternatively, a power bank battery can be used to supply power to the fountain via a USB port.


  • 304 Stainless steel part could be disassembled and washed by dishwasher.
  • Soft Drinking Tray - Antibacterial I BPA free I FDA Super silence system for better sleep - 30dB
  • Battery Mode - One week without external power


  • Dimensions: 22 × 12 × 8 cm
  • Material: ABS; SUS304; Tritan™
  • Volume: 1.35 L
  • Rated voltage: 5 V
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